Really interesting, right?

Another week of election planning in Spain has gone past… pathos..  to be ignored. It will all turn out for the worse.
Have you voted yet for your least disliked option?
Plenty of articles in teh international press, including several by Javier Cercas. Does he have a new book to sell or what?

The Brexit nonsense continues with more ministers secretly breaking the laws of the land and denying it. Another subject to be ignored as it is already turning into the worst possible scenario.
What will the news be in 1000 years time?
«It’s year 3019, humans have saved planet Earth and have mastered inter-galactic space travel, building constructive relationships with several alien species.
Also, Brexit has been delayed a further 2 months.
«Don’t waste the time of the latest extension», said Tusk in serious warning, as the British do exactly that. I don’t even read about it any more.

Macron making promises is another bit of information to be ignored as said promises «n’engagent que ceux qui les croient».
Meanwhile, yet another believer who was close up to the low temperature conflagration (i.e. it wasn’t hell) in Notre Dame has been on the media claiming to have seen Jesus in the flames.
Personally, I believe her.
It would have been one of the many statues of Jesus all round the walls going up in flames.
Science… the Church of the middle ages was right: science is too dangerous.

News comes in that Kim Jong Un of the terrible North Korean haircut has been meeting Vlad «Impaler» Putin, who is being obviously set up (by whom?) to act as a go-between with the Orange Shit Gibbon in future talks on denuclearisation.
This is the same pair (Impaler and Shit Gibbon) who recently left the non-nuclear proliferation agreement in tatters and are now busy producing the next generation of nuclear bombs.
Three narcissists with inferiority complexes leading the charge for world safety from nuclear proliferation…. what could possibly go wrong ??
You don’t have to be of high IQ to know that Haircut thinks he is manipulating both Impaler and the Shit Gibbon, while it is also certain that Impaler is the Shit Gibbon’s in-line boss.
Of course China is manipulating all of them. And they have spies everywhere. Just look at the number of «chino» shops in Spain!
We’re fucked.

I read recently that, just like the Shit Gibbon, the Haircut’s father, Kim Jong Il was a keen golf player. Whereas we know that the Shit Gibbon cheats at golf, it is different for Kim Jong Il. He is so much better at golf too, having set the record for the finest round of golf in North Korea… at a score of 18 on their only full size course.

The anti-vaccine gang have done enough damage, you might think, with the very serious rise in cases of measles (sarampión) throughout the world. All of these conspiracy nuts have created an unjustified worry amongst parents of new borns leading them to not take up the MMR vaccine (vacuna triple vírica). Consequently, the herd effect is lost and people will suffer as a result and many will die.
It gets worse.
In Australia, veterinarians are complaining that animal owners (especially of dogs) are now refusing to have these animals vaccinated. Why? Because they think that the dogs will become autistic.
No, I am not inventing this. You couldn’t invent this.
But, one, can animals become autistic?
Two, how would you know?

Science fiction gets closer to reality with news that scientists have partially revived some dead pig’s brains.
I don’t know whether I am just speaking for me or the whole of humanity when I hesitatingly say to these scientists…. eh…. thanks?
«It nevertheless gives more proof that cell death in the brain takes place over a much longer time period», screamed one pig’s head.

At our age, all over 50, he said diplomatically, we are beset with the signs of aging, mainly concerning the skin and muscle structure underneath. How many people begin to think of changing appearance at this point? Botox injections, after all, are only a short step beyond dying one’s hair. Just another temporary image change, right? Well, it is time to act fast as there are new rules agreed upon by the European parliament in Brussels. From the end of this year, cosmetic clinics will have «to assess patients’ suitability for Botox in an attempt to detect those whose desire to alter their appearance is due to mental health problems».
Well, if they will use the word «patient» it is already assumed that every Botox fan is a sicko.
So, girls, off with the shackles now and get thee to a Botox clinic before you are subject to checks for mental health problems.
I can’t wait until they do the same for hair dying.

Silly headline of the week from the outraged (they have to complain about something)
«Trieste half-marathon accused of racism in excluding Africans»
So now an actual marathon can be accused of racism???
Whatever next?

I saw another small headline this morning and I was drown in to read the nonsense. It is some man (an architect) asking about his friend (another architect), neither of whom, he stresses, are gay, with whom he shares a bed every week and they kiss and hug. But no more than that, as they are definitely not gay.
All right, I don’t take that one seriously, but it does call to mind several other cases of astonishing denial of reality.
We are not racists, said Abascal of Vox.
Only we can save Spain, said Doctor cum Fraude of the PSOE.
Brexit is for the good of Great Britain, said several millionaires of the Conservative Party
I do not cheat at golf says any number of those lying bastards.
I paid my taxes, said Lionel Messi
I have qualifications, say many Spanish politicians;
I see Jesus in the flames…
well… I say that too as all I can conclude is that Christian philosophy is being burned on the altar of madness.
Oh but that is a depressing thought. If only Leinster had won last night!

In conclusion, we are all drifting down a river of liquid manure without paddles or rudder and having to listen to numerous loud navegators about where we should be going.
Now get out and spoil some votes! At least that way you can laugh.

Blessings, love, brandy

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