Getting it wrong

I actually thought that the April Fool’s jokes in newspapers were easy to spot but I was wrong.
By dismissing the story about the Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar (gay party) inviting Kylie Minogue to perform a concert in Dublin, I make the intelligent error of the week. By that I mean that no intelligent person would give it any credence.
Imagine my consternation, indeed stupefaction, this morning when I read this…

«Leo Varadkar’s letter to pop star Kylie Minogue has been labelled «cringe-worthy» and «demeaning of his office» by an Opposition member of parliament.
The Prime Minister wrote the letter to the Australian singer ahead of her proposed visit to Dublin in October for a concert and offered to give her a personal welcome to the country.
The letter was issued on official Department of the Prime Minister headed paper.
Despite it being an official note, Mr Varadkar attempted to prevent its release on two occasions under Freedom of Information, before finally relenting.»

Is there one, even one! dignified and intelligent politician on this effing planet?
This is once more beyond any parody or comment I could make.

I despair!
Will someone please have a drink with me?


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