A second one (all true)

And in the news today…
Well, Donald’s friends are falling and looking to make deals. Two more today. Any other politico would have already been downed by all the shit, but not this guy. It is all down to a complete lack of education. You can’t educate a salesman. Here is a quick quote by the nut. This is more like a second hand car salesman talking, not a president:
«I went to an Ivy League school. I’m very highly educated. I know words. I have the best words.»
And 96% of them have been shown to be only 1 or 2-sylables long (fact!).
So, for anyone out there thinking that there will be a fall… forget it!
He communicates with the lowest educational standard people in America, far far lower a standard than Europe, or anywhere else on the planet, and they make up 52% of the population. They vote for him and the republical party will not risk an impeachment. So, there is no news from the USA.

In the UK, the further horrors of life after Brexit are popping up in the kitchens. They can get chick-peas (garbanzos) from the old colonies and they will have no shortage of hummus. But that won’t do for the lumpen proleteriat. They want sugar, and more sugar. So, the latest thing is ….
I need a run at this one…
Yes, this is a mix of chick peas and chocolate, in a mushy mix that can be used as a dip.
Christ Almighty!!!!
I refuse to speculate on what they might dip into it.
This is beyond perverse.

To not be left out of the insanity all round them, Ryanair are flying the flag for Ireland. Not content to piss the world off with strikes and refusal to accept responsibility for ruined holidays and travel arrangements, they were obliged by the European Aviation Authority to reimbourse all passengers whose flights were cancelled. Not liking this at all, they sent cheques to a large batch of disappointed clients. There was only one problem. All the cheques bounced. Not one could be redeemed. Now, who would like a hollow apology?
And like Trump, they won’t lose passengers.

Meanwhile, in Spain… where do the jokes start or end?

Today is officially worse than yesterday.

I would go to the zoo if there was one here.