The way to do it

There is a very long line of now empty Guinness cans on the dining table. I am mostly responsible (a little help from son Maximilian) and am financially happy thet no pub was open today for the game. It would have cost me a fortune!
If you didn’t realise what the important event was on this Easter Sunday, I will inform you….  it was the semi final of the European competition of rugby. Otherwise known as the Heineken Cup.
Anyway, my home team Leinster (I am wearing the shirt now) won their semi-final against the French power-house of rugby Toulouse by a score of 30-12.
Clinical, entertaining, joyful and victorious, it was a game to celebrate.
You can now be assured that I have celebrated it already and will continue to do until I can no longer stand up or until the Guinness runs out.
Consider me happy now with the hang-over of the century planned for tomorrow.

A good way to to pass the afternoon, especially after I prepared an excellent series of tapas (of the Sevillian tradition) to get (three of my kids and me) through the afternoon to accompany the Guinness.
My only problem is that I forgot to eat.
Merchants pub tonight should be fun. They will miss me at least for the noise and the money.

Hello to all and please drink to my health.
I will need much paracetamol before the morning.

love and joy to you all!

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