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Ah good afternoon. We are in the midst of paper signing in Europe and they can all eff off as it is now officially the most boringly stupid event of offer this century.

Sorry for being late, but that is down to not putting on the alarm clock. I went to a party last night that included several members of the Algerian consulate and a few French people. All brought food, but I was the only one to actually make it and not buy it. It was Ulster pork, with a difference, as there were several Mahommedans present. Obviously I could not use pork so I used chicken. I did not attempt or consider attempting to replace the Jameson whiskey that is always added liberally. The dish was devoured by all and especially appreciated by my Mahommedan friends. As one of my children paraphrased it: Score: Jesus 1 – Mahommed 0.
I left early and walked back to the house. I was tired but unfortunately sober as the only wine was the bottle I brought (and which was consumed by the French present like camels dying of thirst).

In the end, I woke up late this morning and had some tea quickly and left to go and play football. To my recurring horror, there was no tram withing the time scale and I ended up running all the way to the stadium. It’s only 4km but seems a lot more. Then I played football (Maximilian was there too) and walked back in the company of the son for the most part.
Consider me exhausted.

So, what did you do this weekend? Were you tempted by Black Friday? There are no bargains because you can get the same things for cheaper in the same places at other times of the year according to Which? magazine. I didn’t even go into any shops.

However, there were some, albeit inadvertant, Black Friday bargains…
Three unusable water cannon bought by Boris Johnson when he was mayor of London have been sold for scrap, at a net loss of more than £300,000 each.
Johnson bought the crowd-control vehicles from the German police in 2014 (apparently they are still laughing), in anticipation of social unrest, without checking whether they could be used on London’s streets. In one of his most humiliating episodes as mayor the then home secretary Theresa May (before she bacame prime minister) banned them from use anywhere in England and Wales. It left London’s taxpayers with three expensive white elephants. In fact, he might have been better buying three elephants as they can also squirt water and can be used as tourist attractions.
Boris Johnson…. Is there no bad situation that he cannot make worse?

A report by academics from King’s College London and Harvard University, published in the British Medical Journal, has declared «Brexit-induced depression» to be a genuine psychiatric illness. It goes somewhat beyond boredom, then.

A lament from the radio… I was listening to a live phone-in program on BBC 4 during the week and this elderly man came on and said this…
«When I retired, I told myself ‘do not fear old age! Think of retirement as a beginning not an end! Think of this as an adventure! This could be the best part of your life if you just let it be’. Then came the 2016 referendum and the followong two years incredibly inept attempt of British politicians, and I thought to myself … oh, fuck!»
They had to apologise for allowing the comment through. They didn’t have the impresion that the gentleman in question was about to say fuck.
I laughed.

Personally, while shocked by the right wing nuts and what they are doing (Italy, UK, USA, Brazil, Hungary etc), I remain untouched by any of it. This suggests that my default positions of despair and futility at life in general are holding up very well.

In a first for warmer oceans, a pair of killer whales have been caught on film just a few miles off the coast of Dublin. The film footage was taken by crew aboard a fishing vessel six miles east of Rockabill last weekend.
Crew members state that the whales are «John Coe» and «Dopey Dick» of the Scottish West Coast Community group of killer whales.
WTF??? They have nemed for these things and can even recognise them?
I can’t even remember faces or names or just about anything after a few beers.
Aren’t whales all… similar?

I was looking at the analysis of the recent Senate vote in the US elections and came across this wonderful piece of information that just confirms the distopian nature of everything that the Orange Shit Gibbon touches.  The candidate Denis Hof was voted into the US Senate for the state of Nevada.
And this is news? you say.
Yes, because Denis Hof, a one time brothel owner, died three years ago. They actually voted a dead man to the Senate. What was the opposition like, you have to wonder. There are no protocols as for what to do next. Incredible!

And a quote from the Orange Shit Gibbon during the elections…. «I’ve kept promises that I didn’t even make».
I mean, seriously, this guy is in charge of America?????
He should be put in jail for fraud… the charge: attempting to impersonate intelligent life.

Asked what he was thankful for this year in the annual Thanksgiving presidential address, Trump cited his “great family” … as well as himself. “I made a tremendous difference in this country,” he said. “This country is so much stronger now than it was when I took office and you wouldn’t believe it and when you see it, we’ve gotten so much stronger people don’t even believe it.”
That’s an actual quote from what is traditionally a homage to the «little people» who work in their communities without payment or recognition. But it’s all about the Shit Gibbon.

An American man who was killed by an isolated tribe on a remote Indian island wrote to his parents hours before his death that he wanted to “declare Jesus” to the tribespeople”.
John Allen Chau, 26, a «Christian evangelist, was hit with a shit-load of arrows and killed on Friday last shortly after making land on North Sentinel Island, part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
The island, which is off-limits to visitors without permission, is home to a 30,000-year-old tribe that is known to aggressively resist outsiders.
However, Chau repeatedly tried to contact the tribespeople, managing to reach the island the day before he was killed and trying to offer gifts of fish and a football. He wrote this drivel in his diary. He tried to communicate with them by repeating their words back to them (you would want to have some serious gift to reproduce words in a language you have never heard before). Anyway, they just kept laughing at him. Finally, they tired and fired.
His Darwin award was posthumously given to him personally by God, who is also suspected of firing some of the arrows. «Declare Jesus»!! Indeed!
I’m with God on this one.

At the end of this, I have to return to the Brexit (indirectly) and reply to prime minister May’s claim to be delivering the «will of the people to leave the EU». She should have paid closer attention to history and the experience of those who went before her. As Churchill said;
«The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.»
That goes for every country.

Blessings on all!
Please accept my best wishes and love of mankind.
Now, I shouold have something hot…. I know, hot chocolate.

(oh, and news of your various states of being is always welcome)

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