Not forgotten, just late

In case you think that my presence in Sevilla precludes you from my usual tactic of using the news and my cynical view of it as therapy, then you are wrong.
Despite the work, the frustration, the failed expectations, the unwanted repetition and the goggle-eyed stupefaction… I am going again.
But speaking of eyes and travel documents and no doubt other things, I notice that there is a square of apparently random patterned smaller squares on everything. They read this electronically at airports and everywhere else. I asked what they were.
«They are QR codes», was the answer.
What’s that, I asked.
«QR codes» was the answer again. So they don’t know what they are either nor what QR stands for as an acronym.
Then, after some advanced thought, I worked it out…
These QR codes (or strange squares) are Rorschach tests for robots – I think we should be paying attention to artificial intelligence now.

The MIchael Jackson (was a predatory paedophile) documentary has been shown at two cinema & TV festivals now and the reactions are quite strong. I was just thinking about the release of his album «Bad» and how, at the time, the word ‘bad’ meant ‘good’. It was a rappers thing and even my students would say ‘bad’ for ‘good’. You know, I’m bad, I’m bad was really saying I’m good, I’m good.
Well, it turns out that ‘bad’ meant ‘bad’ after all.
It’s a good job, though, that he wasn’t black. Otherwse he would have ended up in prison.
Now we know why he did everything to stop being black. White people never go to prison in the US.

In Russia, a naked man was arrested in Moscow after trying to board a plane while shouting about how clothes made him less agile and aerodynamic.
(What? Was he planning on flying himself through the air?)
Eyewitnesses said the man passed through checks at Domodedovo Airport before suddenly taking off all his clothes and running on to the jet bridge, which connects airport terminals to planes.
He was arrested by the police, who no doubt looked to avoid any physical contact. I mean, what would you do in those circumstances? 
The other passengers said the man did not appear drunk.
So what’s the criterion now that allows us to be naked in public?

To escape from the boredom of the gilets jaunes, the French thought up something that would divert attantion elsewhere.
The plan is to privatise the shops and in Lourdes that sell holy water and religious trinkets.
Since the arrival of the Virgin there with instructions that the locals should ‘sell! sell! sell!’… the real third secret of Lourdes… or was that Fatima?
Up to now, the rights to sell! sell! sell!  were given to local families for minimal rent as a way to distribute the wealth brought to the small French town by pilgrims travelling from around the world.
No longer! The Jesus trade was not bringing in enough money, so, the local council now wants to sell the shops to private owners in order to pay off municipal debt.
Josette Bourdeu, the town’s left-wing mayor, is anticipating a windfall of at least a million pounds from an initial round of sales this year – with more to follow in subsequent years.
Why do I think that this will all end in tears?
Lourdes attracts more than six million visitors a year and many purchase bottles of holy water, statuettes of the Virgin Mary and rosaries, all signed by the Virgin herself, along with signed photographs of the Virgin and Jesus.
Trust the communists to make money out of the emblem of the poor.
All the same!

During Saddam’s reign (yet another anecdote from those years) they developed the SCUD missile, or they misdeveloped the SCUD missile. These missiles were so «accurate» that they not only missed their target every time, but they also missed the country towards which they were launched. I mean, how do you miss an entire country?
Hello to British Airways, whose passengers were mistakenly flown to Edinburgh rather than Dusseldorf last week.
An honest mistake, you shout.
They are blaming this one on a «paperwork error».
And there was I thinking… incompetence. In between Scotland and Germany there are France, Belguim, Holland..
not just missing a target…
I am all for giving work to minority groups, but blind pilots???

It’s been reported this week that some parents have taken to using a tutoring service for themselves so that they could understand what their children were learning and could help them with their homework. That would never have occurred to me. After all, one of the points of school was that my children were supposed to learn stuff from teachers that I didn’t.

Nasa is offering people €15,000 to spend 60 days in bed as part of a study in bodily deterioration; a job I could literally do with my eyes shut. Sure, there are certain indignities to be endured – you’re not allowed to get out of bed even to go to the toilet – but I’ve suffered far worse and €7K a month is not to be dismissed. Also, on the plus side, I could read and rewatch the entire series of GoT. Where’s that address again?

As regards the parody of the parody that is this week’s Brexit..  anyone still breathing in the UK should go  home and overdose
That sums up the last three years there. .
Teresa May, decided then to take a theme from the Romans… immortalised by Shakespeare… and fall on her sword.
Except that she missed.
I can just imagine an ordinary British person watching on and hoping that this is all a bad dream and then, waking up in panic saying… I’m going to snap my fingers and all of this will all go away as if nothing happened.
One, Two, Three – SNAP!
….. Fuck it, SNAP!

Are we having drinks tis week?
I should bloody well hope so!
Just indicate which evening.

love and blessings to all and sundry

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