I forgot this

I inadvertently missed out on some other gems from the little boy misister of defence in the UK… you know the one with the supermarket drones as a war strategy who wants to send a big boat with no planes to the Pacific to warn China…
 Well, in another speech last week about Russia and the Cold War, he described it as ‘The Cool War’.
Cool! said Bart Simpson upon realising that he knew more than the minister about anything.
Said minister suggested loading guns on tractors as a way of stretching the shrinking defence budget.
But the best one refers to Spain and Gibralter… he suggested firing paint-balls to prevent Spanish fishing ships from trespassing into Gibraltar’s waters.
Paint balls??????????????
Be afraid, world, be very afraid!

So he wins the «stunning idiot of the month» award for February. No one can be worse than this, can they?

My daughter in Cardiff has started to prepare for the Brexit by stockpiling food in her room. She isn’t the only one. All foreign students and staff at Cardiff university are doing the same.

With elections announced in Spain, I expect some form of clusterfuck to break the surface amongst the ambitious there.
But it is a pity that Spanish news papers do not openly portray the incompetence of politicians there. Too respectful altogether!

Back next week with another dose of other people’s madness.


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